Gregory Cartelli  |
Ph.D. Student, Princeton University, School of Architecture
M.E.D., Yale School of Architecture (2017)
B.A., Photography, Bard College (2012)

I am currently working between 1953 and 1973 on the influence of the “programme” of D.N.A. ; the work of a N.I.M.H. ethologist with a healthy imagination and a grudge against normal science and institutions ; radically interdisciplinary (and radically early) 2nd order cybernetic experiments ; futurological societies + congresses (Daniel Bell, Bertrand de Jouvenal, et. al.); B.F. Skinner, Kurt Lewin, and the uniquely american brand of behavioral psychology ; environmental design ; and dynamic world models .

My previous project, Strategic Model Theater, analyzes the sixty year history of urban training facilities in the United States through three representational cycles [1942-196X , 1973-1999 , and 2001-2017 ] while tracing the performative and psychological roots of their shifting designs.

At its core, my research is animated by epistemological questions concerning the building, operation, and performance of models, broadly construed. It responds to recent developments that argue for the study of objects through their multiple disciplinary dimensions. I am especially interested in analyzing sites and structures that clearly showcase the relationships between target and source, that are precisely intermediary, approaching them through three distinct disciplinary perspectives.

The first derives from the philosophy of science (involving the spatial and morphological relations between experimental systems and what they represent);⁠ the second is rooted in the psychology of visual perception (involving the ways we perceive constructed objects and discriminate them from the natural world, hence invoking the problem of realism);⁠ the third is from performance studies (focusing on how the semiotics of stage-space stretches and collapses normative spatial functions).⁠